Here be links to the ePublishing I have available. Not too many yet, baby steps! My most recent piece of writing is The Forever Library. Coming soon: a short story about WW2 and a short story about King Arthur.

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My author page on Amazon.

Short Stories on Amazon (for the Kindle, images are linked):

The Forever Library (99 cents):

In an infinite universe, is all fiction true? After being rejected as a bookshelver at the Denver Public Library, Kalia applies for a job at the Forever Library, which holds every book that has ever been written, or ever will be written, on Earth. If you love books, you’ll love the ForLi, a wondrous but sometimes harrowing confluence of books, life, death, free will, space and time. [Contains some graphic violence.]

The Spur: A Short Film Screenplay (99 cents):

Romantic relationships sometimes end because one or both partners are not ready for a real relationship. In your last failed relationship, was it your partner who wasn’t ready? Or was it you? This Western-themed short film screenplay about love and dating in Denver takes place over a summer lunch hour in the Mile High City’s Civic Center Park.

Belly Gunner: Remembering My Han (99 cents):

In this short story, a World War Two ball turret gunner changes his life’s direction when his grandson sends him a 1997 review of Star Wars on that movie’s 20th anniversary release.

Where Focus Fails (99 cents):

In this short short story (1500 words), a 7-year-old girl and a 91-year-old grandmother cross paths in a church on Easter Sunday. Based on a true story.


My author page on Smashwords.

Short Stories on Smashwords (for the iPad, Nook, Kindle and more, images are linked):

Belly Gunner: Remembering My Han (99 cents)