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Erace Homelessness and other thoughts

Boy, I’ve been a piss-poor blogger recently. I’ve had a few other things going on, hard as that is to believe. The most notable is that I helped my brother with the website for his Senior Support Services charity run, Erace Homelessness. I encourage all you Denverites to participate!

I wonder if other bloggers write entries on a backlog like comic strip artists. I usually have about ten ideas in the hopper, some half-written, but as soon as I have something ready to go I throw it up.

More often then not, I get an idea for an entry and write it up immediately. The other day I was at my pizza place and there was this twentysomething guy twenty feet away from “my office,” as I like to call my favorite table. For some reason, he was eating the last half of his slice while standing at the counter and he was chewing with his mouth open and smacking his lips down on every bite and those unholy smacks echoed through the restaurant like the great drums of Cimerria. I’m no etiquettemeister but I wanted to say, “Dude, for the love of God, could ya chew with your mouth closed? Some of us are trying to eat in here.”

Anyway, as I was driving home from the pizza place I thought of writing that up in an entry but decided against it. Too bloggy. Nevertheless, I’ll get back to work. I have some good ideas in the hopper.

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  1. piss-poor
    smacking his lips
    great drums of Cimerria
    “Some of us are trying to eat in here.”
    in the hopper

    You’re lucky this wasn’t an e-mail.

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