By now your soular guide has pulled you away from your terrestrial life. You are firmly committed to the next step of your new existence, Reunion. Your guide takes you down a long catwalk that soon opens up onto a grand, verdant commons. There on the commons, tens or hundreds of globes of light hover with excitement. They are waiting to greet you. It’s a festival of love and you’re the guest of honor. As you approach, the lightglobes take the form of the human beings they were in their terrestrial lives. There is no anger, there are no recriminations. There is only happiness.

My Dad passed away last week and I can’t imagine who his guide was. Possibly some random guy he met over lunch at Duffy’s thirty years ago. Or a client long-forgotten until his arrival in the afterlife. Maybe it was a plaintiff/defendant/judge in a relatively ancient precedent-setting case that played a significant role in my Dad’s legal career. That would give him a laugh. Or maybe it was Hubert Humphrey. I don’t know. However, I have a pretty good idea how the Reunion phase went.

First, he reunited with the son he and my Mom lost in 1967. Donald Kirk died as a baby but in heaven he appeared to my father as a young man so my Dad could see how he would have looked had he grown up. My Dad also appeared younger, maybe in his thirties–just old enough to maintain the sense of fatherness relative to Donald Kirk. Crying and laughing at the same time, they hugged, one of those good heaven hugs, and then they started throwing a football around. My Dad, with a typically joyful Monte smile on his face, took a break now and then to embrace and share a laugh with his relatives and friends. First his mother and father, then the others.

As Donald Kirk and Monte continued to throw the football around, two others joined in. They were the Hill brothers, Fred and Charley. Fred was my Mom’s father but he died when my Mom was an infant. Fred and my Dad had never met — until that moment. They hugged and then, backing away from each other, my Dad tossed Fred the football. Soon the four of them were playing a game, Donald Kirk and Monte versus Fred and Charley on the greenest, freshest turf imaginable. For their respective teams, Donald Kirk and Charley played quarterback on offense and rusher on defense. That left my Dad and Fred to trade off playing receiver and cornerback against each other. It was the most fun each ever had with the pigskin. As for the final score, only God knows who won.

Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows, Part II