So what do I believe about the afterlife? Well, I don’t believe 100 virgins will be waiting for me at the Gates of Heaven wearing leis (and/or pajamas). No, I think the first thing that happens as you walk into the light is that you meet one person who passed away ahead of you. Which is to say, you meet the energy or soul of that person. This first person is your guide. Her sole job is to acclimate you. (Let’s say she’s a she.) Between the two of you, there’s an immediate understanding of the guide’s role. There are no secrets in heaven, no anger, no fear, no conflict, no misunderstandings. It’s kind of boring. That’s one reason souls don’t linger in heaven for too long. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This first person who acts as your guide does not have special status. She is not necessarily your favorite person or your most beloved. In fact, it’s better if she’s not. She will at least be someone that you liked. We don’t want to shock these new arrivals into thinking they’ve gone to hell. The guide will simply be the person who is best suited to the job. Do you know someone who would make a particularly good forest ranger? If that person precedes you in death, she may be your guide. Like most things in heaven, the identity of your guide will both surprise you and make complete sense.

Your guide gives you an energy hug (these are much better than regular hugs, so we all have that to look forward to). Then your guide keeps you steady as you watch your body from above, the doctors trying frantically to save you, or letting you pass in peace, your family saying goodbye. Difficult moments for everyone involved, including you despite your new energy existence. Some new arrivals leap back to their mortal existence at this point and tell vague near-death stories to anyone who will listen. But for most, their latest sojourn on Earth is over. Time ceases to have the same meaning when you’re a lump of energy. Many souls like to hang around to see who shows up at their funeral. Your guide will let you linger for a short time, some souls find it easier to move on than others. But sooner or later your guide pries you away from your Earthly existence and introduces you to the next phase of your soular life.

More on that later…

Nobody Knows, Part III
Nobody Knows