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Nobody knows

Nobody knows what happens when we pass into the Great Beyond. Perhaps there are 100 virgins waiting for us in heaven — a Playboy Mansion pajama party taken to the next level. (For the ladies, it would be 100 firemen hosting a festival in your honor at the big firehouse in the sky.) Or maybe nothing happens. Maybe our bodies turn to dust and we end, we are over, kaput, for eternity.

Given that nobody knows, who opts for an afterlife of nothing? You have to be a real pessimist to survey all the options from heaven to reincarnation to a new plane of existence to jumping elsewhere in the multiverse to virgins/firemen…and decide on NOTHING. I guess maybe I could understand if you’ve lived a very, very hard life and you just want to sleep for a long time. I can see that. But I don’t know anyone who has lived that hard a life.

Anyway, this is why I could never be an atheist. You might say, “You can’t pick your favorite afterlife! This is a matter of belief, not choice.” My feeling is that belief is mostly a choice.

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  1. Are you calling me an atheist?

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