Sunni militants in Iraq have now kidnapped a German archeologist. They threaten to kill her if Germany does not cut its ties with the Iraqi government. The new German Chancellor says Germany won’t be “pressured” by terrorists.

Germany was an opponent of the war in Iraq. They have no troops in Iraq. This woman they kidnapped was outspoken in her criticism of the U.S. presence in Iraq and she had essentially devoted her life to preserving Iraq’s cultural heritage. This is the Margaret Hassan kidnapping all over again. (Hassan was the British aid worker who essentially devoted her life to helping the Iraqi people–Sunni militants thanked her for her three decades of service by shooting her in the head.)

If the militants kill this woman, I would love to see Germany turn such a terrorist act on its head and say, “You can’t win with these militants. No matter what you say and do, unless you are a Sunni militant yourself, you are a target. It’s time to send German troops to Iraq. We need to help make sure a free and democratic Iraq prevails. If they kidnap more Germans, we’ll send more soldiers.”

It won’t happen but I wish it would.