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First Grade

Yesterday, my nephew Max started the first grade. His entry into elementary school makes him the third generation of the family to attend the Denver Public Schools. My Dad and Uncle Pat went to Park Hill Elementary and East High (and some junior high in between). My sister, brother and I went to Moore Elementary, Morey Junior Jail and East High. We just have to make sure Max ends up going to East.


Reportedly Max was very eager to get some homework. He likes to get down to business. For a while he had an “office” in which he futzed around while my sister was at work in her home office. I decided he needed some “work” in his office so I put together a folder for him which I labeled “The Pinsky File” after that Seinfeld where George decides to pretend to have a job at a company and is handed the Pinsky File but has no idea what he is supposed to do with it. I filled Max’s Pinsky File with several sheets of paper littered with rows of numbers and letters. He promptly went to work sketching designs all over the papers and for a time he carried the Pinsky File with him everywhere.

I’m glad he’s eager for homework. It’s a good sign, I suppose. But I say, slow down El Tigre, there will be plenty of time for that. Let’s talk about recess.


  1. Will, I can’t believe you would cast aspersions on Morey. That school had some of the most memorable teachers that I ever encountered.

  2. Morey wasn’t all bad. But it did look like a jail from the outside. Btw, Snow, what was the name of that play we performed in the 8th grade? It was about people/ghosts stranded at an old hotel. This question has really been bugging me.

  3. Morey still looks like a jail – and I bet they’ve never cleaned that swimming pool in the basement. I do remember running into one of my teachers from there, Dan Lutz, a few years ago. He was directing the Center for International Studies at West High and has now opened a new international charter school in the older Baker Middle School building. So where is “El Tigre” going to school?

  4. Will,
    Well, you have me stumped with that one. I wish I could remember too. Wasn’t it that the kids had been in a car crash and they were waiting for rescue at some old abandon hotel? But they were never rescued since they were ALREADY DEAD!! (what a twist!). I don’t know, maybe I am giving it more plot than it had….

  5. Snow, I think you have remembered the plot correctly. For some reason I remembered it as being a diner but I have the cast photo to prove it was a hotel. (I’ll post the photo at some point.) I think I played the proprietor, judging by my fake mustache and stylish vest.

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