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So You Think You Can Host a Reality TV Show

I’ve been watching The Lot, a reality TV show about young filmmakers hoping to make it big in Hollywood, and the host leaves something to be desired. Although she is attractive and likeable (two important host qualities), she also frequently fumbles over her lines and seems as nervous about announcing eliminations as the contestants are about being eliminated. In the first episode, comedian Chelsea Handler was the host. She was a perfectly competent host but she was inexplicably dumped for Adrianna Costa. It’s Adrianna who seems not to have mastered the host’s trade.

To be fair to Adrianna, The Lot is a pretty awful show. The short films are great and the contestants are interesting but the rest of the show is almost unbearable. The show’s redundancies and recaps rival even Dateline NBC and the panelists have very little to say. Carrie Fisher has never been less appealing. I challenge them all to refrain from referring to anyone as “a very talented filmmaker” for the rest of the summer. I doubt they could last a week. Most annoyingly, they have taken the Elimination Pause — the beat or two between “the person going home is…” and “Jane Doe” — to previously unmatched levels of ridiculousness and cruelty. They extend the beat or two into a minute and then add a commercial break. Last night was the final straw when poor Adrianna had to say, “I’m sorry Jane…but Bob won’t be around next week because he’s going home!” Oy.

This all got me thinking that with all these reality shows, there is undoubtedly a shortage of available hosts in Hollywood. And that’s why we need a new reality show called, So You Think You Can Host a Reality Show. I know hosting is a difficult job. I’m sure I’d make a poor host. That’s why I have no plans to offer myself up as the host of So You Think You Can Host a Reality Show. But I see twenty or so young men and women being put through the paces in various Master of Ceremonies challenges. The winner gets to host this year’s Oscars.

As for The Lot, thank the sweet Lord for my new DVR. I like these filmmakers and their films but without my DVR it would have been a very long summer.


  1. Adrianna might be hot but you are right she is a dolt. Why this show needs a host at all or even an audience is beyond me. Some of the movies are quite good and fun to watch but overall extremely annoying.

  2. The films are good and the rest of the show seems to be a way to stretch out what could be 15 minutes into an hour. I got a similar show from Netflix called Film School. It follows four NYU film school students as they make their final ten-minute films before they graduate. We never see the films so it’s more like Project Greenlight in that sense. It’s just about the production process. The NYU student films (what we see of them) don’t seem nearly as good as the ones we’re seeing on The Lot.

    Film School is interesting but they pay all their tuition money and then have to spend around $10,000 on the short film. These short films are their resumes when they graduate. But I wondered, why don’t they just shoot on digital video? I guess the answer is because film is still preferred and they are training to be professionals. Still, it seems like a much cheaper way to get into the film industry is to skip school and just make your own DV movie.

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