I’ve neglected my blog mostly because I’ve been toiling on other writing projects, and my main project for the last couple years has been The Forever Library.

That link takes you to Amazon, where I’m — finally — epublishing the ForLi. Right now it’s only available on the Kindle. I hope to have some alternative ways to read it out soon. The ForLi began as a 2000 word story in 2010 and I’ve expanded it into a 17,000 word novella.

I’m trying to decide what to work on next. I have the first draft of a WW2 action-adventure novel done and the wise course would be to finish that. But I have a 2-3 other books I’m eager to get out into the world. We’ll see. I also have some old stories I want to epublish.

And I have a new website: It’s a shell right now. I’ll be building it as time goes on.