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Writing Update: The Forever Library


I’ve neglected my blog mostly because I’ve been toiling on other writing projects, and my main project for the last couple years has been The Forever Library.

That link takes you to Amazon, where I’m — finally — epublishing the ForLi. Right now it’s only available on the Kindle. I hope to have some alternative ways to read it out soon. The ForLi began as a 2000 word story in 2010 and I’ve expanded it into a 17,000 word novella.

I’m trying to decide what to work on next. I have the first draft of a WW2 action-adventure novel done and the wise course would be to finish that. But I have a 2-3 other books I’m eager to get out into the world. We’ll see. I also have some old stories I want to epublish.

And I have a new website: It’s a shell right now. I’ll be building it as time goes on.

Health Update & Religion

I’ve been in the middle of a health episode since just before Labor Day and unfortunately the various treatments I’ve been doing haven’t worked. My lung capacity is still down over 10%. So I’m doing another Solumedrol blast this weekend. Hopefully the second time is the charm. I’m calling King Arthur and his knights back out of the castle for another gallop!

Wide awake and jacked up on steroids at 4am, I may as well riff on religion, right? Some friends and I were talking about religion yesterday and one said all religions are crazy fictions, with Mormonism being among the craziest. Here’s what I think:

1. In just the visible universe, what we can see from Earth, we know there are billions of stars in our own galaxy and billions of galaxies. We estimate the entire universe is at least 250 times bigger than the visible universe, or maybe infinite. We are small. We are ignorant. We barely have a grip on what the universe is all about.

2. Here on Earth, we barely have a grip on how our own brains work.

3. When someone dies, something that was there is no longer there. Call that something the soul, life energy, whatever. Where does that go? Does it go somewhere or does it just dissipate into the ether? Nobody knows.

4. In short, we know next to nothing. If you have a religion that helps you deal with these unknowns more power to you. I’m not going to get worked up about your belief system. It would be nice if you didn’t try to ram it down my throat, however, and most people don’t. The ones who do are loud. That’s why fundamentalists and rabid atheists annoy me equally. (Also, I don’t like many of the political stances taken by religious organizations, but I’m not getting into that here.)

5. People are going to find their own belief systems. This cannot be stopped. So why stress over what people believe? (As long as they don’t harm the rest of us with it.)

6. Even people in organized religions rarely believe every tenet of the religion. If you talk to people about what they actually believe, there are as many belief systems as there are people. I think most Westerners and maybe most non-Westerners too, whether they know it or not, live within an eclectic belief system comprised of many tenets of many religions.

7. When it comes to the Universe, death, God and so forth I suspect we are ALL WRONG. The Truth is unknowable for us at the present time. So how can I hold it against someone for coming up with a fiction that works for them? We all live within our own fictions, religious and non-religious.

8. Don’t bother worrying about what is Truth. Believe what you want to believe.

9. I’m about to epublish a novella called “The Forever Library” in which I talk about what I want to believe about life and death. Stay tuned!

Please “Like” My Facebook Author Page

I have a new Facebook author page called Will Pascoe: Denver Quill. Please like it!

You may be thinking, “That’s kind of a silly name for a page.” And you are correct. I called it that for a couple reasons. For search purposes, my name needs to be in there. And I also needed to distinguish myself from a couple other “Will Pascoe” creative types out there. There is a conservative commentator named Will Pascoe and there is a liberal filmmaker named Will Pascoe. So I’m the Will who’s the Denver quill.

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