September 2010

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Wow, no posts between my last WAYRN and this one? Bad form on my part. To make matters worse, my reading has taken a hit this month. Usually, my only rock solid reading time is when I go to lunch. But that reading time is in jeopardy. A few months ago, I found out my favorite lunch spot has wi-fi. A few weeks ago, I found out another favorite lunch spot has always had wi-fi. And this week, yet another of my favorite lunch spots turned its sketchy wi-fi into reliable wi-fi.

The curse of the internet is that nothing eats time quite like e-surfing. And there’s always some little thing I need to check on the internet. I connect and enter the vortex. The only other time I have to read on an average day is a few minutes before I fall asleep. I’m gonna have to start forcing myself to read.

I’ve started a couple more soccer books this month but the one I’m focusing on (because it’s from the library — library books always get priority) is Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski. It’s along the lines of Moneyball by Michael Lewis (though I have not read Moneyball). Interesting so far but I only just started it.

Kuper wrote the book on soccer during World War II that I mentioned in last month’s WAYRN. Very interesting and I might have more to say about it here on the blog. Hopefully before my next WAYRN.