As I mentioned last month, WAYRN is a new regular feature here on FifthLung. The idea is that each month, on the first of the month or thereabouts, I’ll tell you what I’m reading. If what I’m reading is not interesting, I might instead answer the question, “What Are You Watching Now?” And then, hopefully, you will tell me what you are reading or watching that you find interesting.

I am still on my soccer — football — kick. My football knowledge remains meager but relative to a month ago, it’s vast. Right now, I’m reading Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby, thought by many to be the number one book about football. It is good and much of it applies to fans of all sport. Here’s a riff of Hornby’s that cracked me up about the burden of fandom:

I had discovered…that loyalty, at least in football terms, was not a moral choice like bravery or kindness; it was more like a wart or a hump, something you were stuck with. Marriages are nowhere near as rigid — you won’t catch any Arsenal fans slipping off to Tottenham for a bit of extra-marital slap and tickle, and though divorce is a possibility (you can just stop going if things get too bad), getting hitched again is out of the question. There have been many times over the last twenty-three years when I have pored over the small print of my contract looking for a way out, but there isn’t one.

Is there a fan of any team in any sport who doesn’t know exactly what he’s talking about?

I just got another book in the mail today that I’m excited to read. I might even take a break from Fever Pitch for this new one: Ajax, the Dutch, the War: Football in Europe During the Second World War by Simon Kuper. Ajax is still the best or near the best team in the Holland football league and is based in Amsterdam. A full report on this will have to wait until next month.