It’s been too long since I updated my top five lunch spot rankings. There have been some noteworthy changes as Chipotle, Schlotsky’s and Wahoo’s have fallen out of the rankings:

arrow 1. Taste of Philly. The Broadway location. It’s near work so I eat there a lot. Great sandwiches. Secret weapon: the chicken in their chicken cheesesteak.

arrow 2. I {heart} New York Pizzeria. Leetsdale and Holly. I don’t eat there as often as I would like because it’s closer to home than it is to work. But I {heart} their freshly baked calzones. Secret weapon #1: banana peppers in the calzone, which adds so much flavor the side marinara sauce is rendered moot. Special shout out to E for suggesting I add banana peppers. I love ’em but never thought of adding them to a calzone. Secret weapon #2: their Ms. Pac-Man stand-up arcade game. I took my nephew there once and he loved the game more than the pizza.

arrow 3. Mr. Lucky’s Sandwiches. At 6th & Washington, Mr. Lucky’s is not quite close enough to work to eat lunch there but if I’m driving by for one reason or the other I try to pick up a sandwich. At first it seems like a run-of-the-mill deli, but then you bite into it. Secret weapon #1: the bread. I’ve talked about the importance of bread in a sandwich before in my fastfoodography. Under no circumstances should the bread in a sandwich be overlooked, and it too often is. Secret weapon #2: the peppercinis. Sometimes you can get peppercinis on the side of a sandwich. Mr. Lucky’s chops them up and put them on the sandwich. They should get Edison-like recognition for this innovation. Like the banana peppers in the calzone, with this much snap in the toppings, who needs mustard or mayo?

arrow 4. Tokyo Joe’s. My only other good option near work. Getting kind of tired of it but keep going back for more. Secret weapon: addictive peanut sauce.

arrow 5. Anthony’s. My third in a series of Anthony’s, this one out near DU. This is a distant 5th place. Secret weapon: good place to watch football while eating pizza.