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DEAR little GIRL

you ARE adorable AND i ADMIRE and ENVY you
FOR your BOUNDLESS energy BUT would YOU please
STOP jumping UP and DOWN
right IN front OF me


The Perils of FF

(UPDATE: see below)

Fantasy football has its perils. The biggest is when the team you’re playing in fantasy has a player from your favorite real-life team. Last week, I played the Corporal Kippers and they had Javon Walker. This put me in the unfortunate position of wanting Javon Walker to not catch a TD. Of course, I wanted the Broncos to win. I wanted the Broncos to score multiple touchdowns. I just don’t want Javon Walker to catch them. My policy in these situations is to hope for zillions of yards by these players, just not a TD. This way a little part of me doesn’t regret it every time the other guy’s Broncos get their hands on the ball.

To make matters worse, the Kippers also had Travis Henry. So what, I didn’t want the Broncos to get any rushing TDs? That’s too strict a limitation. I just hoped that somehow, someone else would get the rushing TD. How about, say, Cecil Sapp?

The Kippers are my nemesis within the SFFL (Schmazzer Fantasy Football League) and they have two Broncos, the bastards. As the game got close against the Broncos’ nemesis, the Raiders, I had to abandon my peculiar touchdown needs. Fortunately, the Broncos pulled out the win. And as it turned out, Javon and Travis could have scored two TDs each and I still would have beaten the Kippers.

This week presents a different peril. I have Maurice Jones-Drew on my FF team, the running back for the Jaguars, and the Jaguars play the Broncos this weekend. Compounding the peril, I’m going to the game, the first Broncos game I’ve been to in two years. So my first game back in the fan starting lineup a part of me is going to be hoping the Jaguars running attack finally gets on track against my Broncos? At the game where Bronco and NFL great Terrell Davis is getting his name placed in the Ring of Fame?

Typically, my policy in these situations is to think, “IF the Broncos opponent is going to score, let it be my fantasy guy who scores.” I try to finesse my conflict of interest, as when my FF team faces Broncos. But I don’t want any conflict of interest at all this weekend so I’m taking the unusual step of benching Maurice Jones-Drew. In his place, I’m going to play Brandon Marshall, the Broncos’ #2 WR. Now my secondary interest matches my primary interest. Go out there and grab a couple TDs, Brandon!

Okay, it’s not the biggest risk in the world. Marshall has scored a couple more FF points this season than Drew. And the Jaguars running game has stunk so far. And my team is in trouble this week anyway, with my best players (Tony Romo & Marion Barber & Frank Gore) facing great defenses (Chicago and the resurgent Bears). Still, I just don’t want to have to do those extra mental gymnastics while I’m sitting in the stands this weekend.

UPDATE 9/25/07: The Broncos lost and my FF team lost but my decision to start Brandon Marshall over Maurice Jones-Drew was rewarded by the fantasy gods. Marshall was the leading wide receiver for the Broncos, getting 133 yards, which is 6 points in our FF system. MJD had 37 yards receiving and 18 yards receiving for a paltry 1 point. Both were a yard away from a touchdown — Marshall got tackled, MJD fumbled.


The following quotation appeared in my mailbox recently as part of a fundraising letter for the American Indian College Fund. On several levels, it seems to complement my last blog entry:

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.
–Dakota Proverb

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