Reinhard Heydrich is not as famous as Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels. But that is mostly because he was attacked by British-trained Czech and Slovak operatives in May 1942 and died a week later. Many considered Heydrich to be Hitler’s understudy. He is thought to have been on the verge of taking over the German occupation of France when he was killed. In January 1942, Heydrich chaired the Wannsee Conference, the two-hour meeting at which the Nazis planned the extermination of 11 million Jews. Heydrich was Eichmann’s boss.

The Germans in 1942 faced a labor shortage. The Russian campaign was more difficult than anticipated so more men were needed to fight and more workers were needed to replace them in the factories — good compliant workers to help the war economy. Workers not thinkers.

A couple weeks after the Wannsee Conference, Heydrich said this in a speech about worker creation:

It is essential to sort out the Czech teachers because the teaching profession is a breeding ground for opposition. It must be destroyed, and all Czech secondary schools must be shut. The Czech youth must be torn away from this subversive atmosphere and educated elsewhere.

Now, I’m not saying you are a Nazi if you think the only purpose of education is to create labor bots for the corporate economy. Nor am I saying you are a Nazi if you want to destroy teachers’ unions and eviscerate teaching as a profession. But one does have to take a step back and think twice if one’s policies align with Nazi policies, doesn’t one?

[The Heydrich speech is quoted in the superb WW2 novel HHhH by Laurent Binet. Novel is not quite the right word. I’d almost call it a long essay on history and writing.]

The 2010 World Cup inspired me to become a fan of the English Premier League. Why the Premiership over, say, Germany’s Bundesliga or Italy’s Serie A? I have always been an Anglophile but even more so in the last decade. If I could live in any foreign city for a year, my first choice would be London.

My first EPL season was 2010/11. In my family, every trip (whether physical travel or intellectual exploration) begins with a heavy dose of background reading. I had a long way to go because I knew almost nothing about the EPL. In July 2010, I wrote about my preseason research.

The season lasts from August to May, with 38 game weeks as every team plays every other team home and away. Early on, I realized a big reason I loved this brand of football was the passion of the crowds. It reminded me of the old Mile High Stadium, but even better. A year later, I talked about my process for choosing my Premiership team.

In retrospect, it’s funny how much I fit as an Arsenal fan, and not in all good ways! And when I look around, it’s funny how much so many people fit as fans of their respective EPL teams, even when born into them. Which all makes me think astrology might be real, as self-fulfilling prophecy.

Playing fantasy sports is a great way to learn the sport. You learn the teams, players, gameplay and scoring quickly as you try to assemble a winning team. To that end, I began playing Fantasy Premier League in 2010. I just finished my fifth season.

Season Points Rank
2010/11 1938 194,210
2011/12 2055 82,918
2012/13 2126 45,109
2013/14 2383 15,266
2014/15 2196 10,124

I almost made the top 10,000 out of 3.5 million players this year. (When I started in 2010/11, I think it was more like two million total players.) My USA finish was 398. The rankings are by points first and number of transfers second. So there are about 200 teams with my same point total and my 43 transfers put me in about the middle of the 200. If only I had not taken Eden Hazard out! He had just had emergency wisdom teeth removal but played anyway. And surely Yaya Toure would get something? (Hazard got 7 points, Toure 3.)

One reason for my rise over the years has been keeping my transfers down. I am a mad add/dropper in NFL fantasy so this was a hard habit to shake. In 14/15, I only had 43 transfers. In earlier years it was more like 60. (You get one free transfer every week. After that they cost four points each.)

The 2015/16 season will start up before the NFL begins. I will have to get my 15/16 FPL team sorted before we even draft in my NFL fantasy leagues. Top 10,000 or Bust!

Remember the Million Man March? Time for another one. I suggest marching on state capitol buildings one day in September. Get on it young and angry black Americans. Where are the new civil rights leaders? History is waiting for you to step into the void caused by weak public officials. In fact, politicians need you as an excuse to act.

Organize, preach nonviolence, prepare a list of demands: equal treatment, police accountability, jobs, educational opportunity & reparations. (Personally, I don’t agree with reparations but ask big.) Incorporate a one day NFL player strike into your movement. That will get people’s attention. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Gettysburg Address belong to all Americans.

DEMAND YOUR SHARE OF THOSE IDEALS. That’s what MLK did and that’s why he succeeded.

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